Вітаю Вас, Гість



1)    basement  [beIsmqnt]- підвальне приміщення;

2)    attic  [xtIk]- мансарда; горище.


     Tommy the Spider lived in a tall, green tree in a garden. He liked his home when it was warm        and sunny.

-         I like my home on sunny days.

He didn’t like it when it was cold and windy.

-         I don’t like it here on cold and windy days.

One day, Tommy the Spider put his spider’s toothbrush and his spider’s towel into his spider’s bag and went for a walk. He wanted to find a new place to live.

-         I don’t want to live in this tree anymore. I want to live in a house. It’s time to change address, he said and off he went.

He walked and walked until he found an old house. The house had three floors – the ground floor, the first floor and the attic.

-         This is just the right place for me, Tommy said to himself, and he looked inside.

First Tommy entered a hall.

-    Excuse me, is anybody home? he asked, but there was no answer. He looked up and saw two bats sleeping on a big electric fan just below the ceiling. Tommy didn’t want to wake them up. He went quietly into another room.

Next, he went into the living room. Nobody was there. There was only a big carpet on the floor and on the carpet, there were two old armchairs.

-    Hmm… this house looks perfect for spiders! he thought and he went back to the hall. There were some stairs in the hall. Tommy looked at them. They were very big; too big for a small spider. Suddenly, Tommy saw a grey mouse who said: Hello, friend! Do you want to go upstairs? There’s a small lift by the stairs; a lift for mice, for bats and for spiders. It can take you to the top floor. Have a good ride!

-    Thanks! Tommy said and he went to the first floor in the lift. There was a bathroom on the first floor. Tommy went into the bathroom and he put his spider’s bag on a nice, blue rug on the floor. He took his toothbrush and his towel out of the bag and said,

-    Time to have a shower!

After the shower, Tommy took the small lift up to the attic on the top floor of the house.

There was a big bedroom in the attic with a nice, green blanket on the bed.

-    What a lovely place to have a nap! he thought and he fell asleep.

Suddenly, Tommy heard an alarm clock and he opened his eyes!

-   Tommy! It’s time to get up! We’re going on holiday. Don’t forget your toothbrush and a towel. Hurry up, please! he heard his mum’s voice coming from the hall. Tommy looked around. He was in his bed, under the green, warm blanket. He jumped out of bed and looked into the mirror. He wasn’t a spider anymore. It was just a dream!

     Tommy smiled, cleaned his teeth and put his toothbrush and a towel into his bag.